BHC skin care products keep your skin healthy and beautiful

Most of us know that when we age our skin becomes thin and wrinkly due to a lack of collagen. A lot of expensive and fancy creams are trying to achieve the “holy grail” – to regenerate the skin collagen that we used to have in abundance. Thus far, no one has found such a holy grail yet. Even if we did, it is only half of the answer for forever beautiful skin! Hydration is the other half. This has been overlooked by many of us.

BHC Skin Care emphasize on the importance of helping dehydrated skin. It doesn’t matter how expensive your beauty cream is, if you don’t have an effective sunscreen and hydration cream, you can never achieve healthy, beautiful and forever looking young skin.

BHC Skin Moisturisers will rehydrate, replenish and fortify the skin’s protective barrier via 4 key ingredients – pure Shea Butter (20%), Aloe Vera (5%), Grape seed oil and Niacinamide.

BHC Sunscreen with SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum sun protection will fight against the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays. This will prevent premature skin ageing and long-term skin cell damage – including cancer –  and helps prevent sun-induced pigmentation.

These are before and after photos of patients who were treated with BHC skin care products in conjunction with Dr’s treatment.


skin 06skin 04

skin 03skin 07


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