BHC Skin Care products were the result of 15 years of research by Dr Andrew Le, founder of BHC Cosmedical. In searching for the cure of his Son’s eczema and his own dermatitis on his hands, he had discovered the actual cause of eczema. His findings were the foundation of his formulation and the base of his new theory about eczema: it is the combination of a skin barrier defect and microorganism invasion. The effectiveness of his treatment on more than two thousand patients had confirmed his findings and theories.

These photos are of the patients who were treated with his formulation and skin care products. They had achieved years of remission i.e. no recurrence of their eczema, with ongoing use of BHC Skin Care products without any medication.

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On going use of BHC skin care products have helped these patients achieved remission (lack of symptoms) for several years

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2 thoughts on “Eczema

  1. Tony says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My 6 month son has eczema for about 2 month and we try a lot of cream, but did not work so good. Can I know if we can buy your product in New Zealand?

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