BHC Cosmedical was founded by Dr Andrew Tuan Anh Le—a cosmetic surgeon world-renowned for his pioneering in non-surgical rhinoplasty in 2003. It was traded under the name of BHC Pharmaceuticals. It was the sole distributor for Aquamid permanent filler, Esthelis—hyaluronic acid filler and Dual Yellow Laser by Norseld, in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The name of BHC Pharmaceuticals was changed in 2015 into BHC Cosmedical so as to represent a greater diversity in our product range.

Our years of research have resulted in a unique formulation of BHC skin care products, which can effectively treat chronic skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and achieve long term remission i.e. symptoms-free.

We are the distributor of La Roche—Posay skincare products. 25,000 Dermatologists worldwide recommend these French skincare products.

Evolis is a brand new botanical based hair loss treatment product, which has quickly become popular with our customers.

BHC Cosmedical latest invention is the Andrew Le splint—an invisible device to be worn after a surgical rhinoplasty as well as non-surgical rhinoplasty and after nose injuries. The splint will help to maximise the aesthetic result, and reduce side effects and complications. It would be welcomed by patients with fractured noses. The device will be popular among Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons and Physicians, Sport Physicians and Emergency Departments worldwide.

We are also the distributor for Logikal Health Products. A trusted brand for quality medical devices for the First Aid, Emergency Medicine, Hospital, Medical and Veterinary markets.

BHC Cosmedical will continue to bring more innovative skincare and medical products, either from its own R&D or from acquired quality and proven products on the market, to its customers.