Advice from Doctor

The 10 golden rules for eczema sufferer :

  1.  Use moisturiser and avoid Vaseline based cream. These are only good for normal skin since it can “trap” the water inside the skin to keep the skin stays moist but it can also “trap” the bacteria and fungi which is bad for your skin condition.
  2.    Protect your skin. Pay attention to even slight skin damage.
  3.    Apply a cream that is strong enough to kill microorganisms, but gentle enough to help your skin heal. Ideally it should control itching as well.
  4.    Break the vicious cycle of itching and scratching. Antihistamines may help.
  5.     Avoid contact with allergens and chemicals. Wear gloves.
  6.   Avoid bubble bath or prolonged hot showers.
  7.  Avoid using soap and shower gel.
  8. Use gentle cleansing agents or only water.
  9. Avoid skin scrubbing.
  10. Swimmers should apply moisturiser before and after swimming.


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