Be gentle to our skin…

Skin is such a delicate organ. The less complicated you treat it the better it will be.

Skin is the biggest organ of our body. It is the fortress to protect us not only from microorganisms (germs) but also unfriendly environmental factors such as sun, heat, cold, wind and chemicals.

Almost everyone knows that exposing our skin to sunlight without proper sun protection will cause skin cancer and premature skin aging. But not many people know that dry skin is unhealthy skin, it can easily get irritated, can be very itchy and prone to skin diseases such as eczema, chronic and contact dermatitis and age prematurely.

The most basic, simple, effective way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful is by simply using sunscreen, lots of moisturiser, using gentle face/body wash and avoiding harsh cleansing agents such as soap especially antiseptic types.

BHC Skin Care products were invented just for that! And at an affordable cost. We call it our BASE principle: Basic, Affordable, Simple and Effective!

These are before and after photos of patients who were treated with BHC skin care products in conjunction with Doctors’ treatment.

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